Managing Stress at Workplace

Managing Stress at Workplace

We've all been through this, haven't we? Every job can be overwhelming at some point of time, even if you love what you do. Be it the pressure of meeting a deadline or a challenging task that freezes your brains out; work stress is okay to have, UNLESS it starts having a chronic negative effect. This, in turn, becomes harmful to your mental, emotional and physical health. So, here's some pointers to help you manage it well.

1. Use your right and left brains simultaneously

Confused? Then let me tell you, how - 

"Multitasking is efficient for work!" - said someone IN THE 90s. Times have changed and it is the era of specialization. It's okay to focus on more than one thing at once BUT it can definitely hamper the quality of work other times. So, prioritize and plan your day's tasks accordingly. Don't overburden yourself with everything important ALL AT ONCE. ( you're not a machine, duh) Take one hard task and another relatively fun task in order to balance it. This will increase efficiency and not have you on your toes all day.

Also, did you know that Multitasking is not trendy anymore? But, okay. Do as you please.

2. Effective communication and delegation

It is important that you are able to channelise your full potential into the work that you do. You're in a TEAM for a reason! Delegate the tasks that don't play to your strength. Every individual has different capabilities in different environments. Figure out the surroundings you're more productive in; the office or your own four walls. Get the best of both! See what works best for you because in the end, it is the quality of work that matters. We all have bad days but it's crucial that they end too!

3. Take time to recharge your brain cells please?

Did you know that as much as 42% of people in the world have experienced a decline in their mental health since the COVID outbreak? How about going in a little deeper? Specifically, 67% of people are experiencing increase in stress, 57% have increased anxiety, and 54% are emotionally exhausted. So much data, just to make YOU realize THAT it's okay to feel low! We're all human, after all.

Hydrate well and take small breaks between work to keep yourself refreshed because continuously staring at the screen has its own consequences. (trust me, I have my UV glasses on right now)

There's a lot more to life apart from being good at what you do. It's absolutely delightful if you love your job. BUT! All work and no play doesn't just make Jack a dull boy but also kills the potential of discovery, mastery, and openness to change.

It's called a weekEND for a reason. Soooo, give yourself a break, plan and utilize it well, okay?