Our Values

Fashion Panda's
initiative on sustainability

Our values are based on the four pillars of sustainability:
Human, Social, Economic, and Environmental.

As an employer we aim to improve the standard of living of our employees and workers by providing them with the opportunity to learn and upskill, by arranging knowledge sessions about health and nutrition, and rewarding a culture of honesty and accountability in the workplace.

Accomplished UN SDGs
by our company

Accomplished UN SDGs by our company

In 2019, we began to track some of our processes against the
UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

We started with Goal #12.

  • Reducing waste by using fabric off – cuts to make accessories and shopping bags.
  • Use of stock fabrics to create unique styles for small-batch/ test-orders.
  • Use of lyocell and recycled polyester threads for stitching.

"Promote sustained inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all."

  • We strive to be a fair employer by providing equal opportunities to all.
  • We arrange formal training sessions for up-skilling our employees.

Future of the Industry

Future of the Industry

We believe the fashion industry will go through significant positive changes in the 2020s that will be enabled by technology. Some topics on our radar include:

  • 3D design and Digital Product Creation (DPC)
  • Demand-led forecasts and buying enabled by better demand prediction by brands
  • High focus on environmentally-friendly materials for garments across the industry
  • High level of importance given to traceability across the supply-chain that will be enabled by blockchain

Certificates & Compliances

Our company is SEDEX-compliant. Furthermore, we are certified with GRS and GOTS audits which allow us to fulfill the chain-of-custody for Recycled Polyester and Organic Cotton garments respectively.